Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chocolate Peant Butter Pie - by Summer

I was excited to make this pie because I love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate.  Once again I used my book club as guinea pigs for this recipe, so I didn't make it until the last day of the month which is when book club met.  The crust was an easy graham cracker crust.
One thing I discovered while making this recipe is that as much as I love my stand mixer, I don't think it holds up to mixing small amounts of ingredients.  The peanut butter filling called for 1/3 cup of cream to be whipped.  I put it in the stand mixer and it took forever to whip!  Fortunately I have a hand-held mixer, so I used that to finish up the rest of the peanut butter filling.  It was so easy and I need to remember that as much as I love my Kitchen Aid, sometimes the hand mixer is actually better.  Anyone else have this experience?
I will agree with Lisa that chopping up chocolate stinks!  I wish Karla came to visit me to help too :-)  I also realized that I was one oz. short of semi-sweet chocolate, so I used an ounce of bittersweet.  Anyhow - the topping was super easy to make.  Actually, the whole pie was pretty simple.  There are a few steps, but they are all really easy.
This was another hit at book club.  I really enjoyed the chocolate/peanut butter combination.  I wasn't in love with the crust, although I don't really know what type of crust would be better.  Maybe a chocolate graham cracker?

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