Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rosemary Biscotti - by Lisa

Wow, the end of February really kind of snuck up on me! I did manage to get this recipe completed by the end of the month tho. Like Summer, I was baking on the last day of the month! Sadly, this recipe is not one I was eager to make nor was I won over by the outcome. At the end of the day, I am just not a fan of biscotti. The only time I have enjoyed it was when an old friend made some which he purposely left untoasted, and I enjoyed the texture and cakey-ness much more.

Anyway, I did appreciate how easy it was ingredients-wise, and I do agree that the rosemary gave it a very enjoyable flavor. At first Hubby thought it tasted a little like marshmallow, which I could totally taste too. But I also must confess that I got rather frustrated with the dough and how sticky it was! I had a hard time getting it into logs because it wouldn't let go of the counter, and then it also would spread within minutes of shaping it.

I had one to taste, and then bagged up the rest to send to work with Hubby.* Hopefully he and his colleagues will get a chance to enjoy them!

*I totally forgot to take a finished product picture. Doh!

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