Thursday, March 24, 2011

Double Apple Struesel Coffee Cake - by Summer

I actually made this recipe a week ago, but due to storage issues on my computer, I wasn't able to download the picture until today!  It's sort of hard to recall this recipe because I made it so long ago and inbetween that time, I threw a party for my son's 1st birthday!

I made this because we were having a bunch of people in town and I thought it would make a good breakfast one day. It's very easy to pull together, although it's one of those recipes with certain ingredients needing to be room temperature.

The double apple from the title comes from applesauce and an actual apple.  I used a golden delicious because I like baking with those.  You don't need a mixer, so that was nice.  It puffed up quite a bit while baking, and I was worried the pan was too small, but it didn't overflow.

I thought this was super sweet.  Almost too sweet for a breakfast, but not really something I would want for dessert either.  Perhaps making it for brunch to go along with something not sweet would be the way to go. 

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