Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pie - by Lisa

I have to say, you really can't go wrong with a salty sweet treat AND one that includes both chocolate and peanut butter! I purposely saved this pie for when my sister, Karla, and my niece, Katie, were visiting. Glad I did because it was a hit! :)

I cheated a little bit and had Karla and Katie help me make this. Karla is an exceptional baker, and I was excited to do a little bit of baking with her while she was here! The best part was that she rescued me from the step that I always complain about - chopping the chocolate. Woo hoo! :)

This was a pretty easy pie to put together, although it did require a few more bowls/dishes than I expected. I originally had aspirations of enjoying this pie an hour or so after dinner, but time got away from us during the day. The combined 4 hour chill time meant that we got to enjoy this treat as a bedtime snack. :) I also inadvertently delayed the process as I had misjudged how much peanut butter I had left. I had to make an emergency phone call to Hubby who fortunately had no problem swinging by the store on his way home to replenish our stock.

This was a super rich pie! The peanut butter portion was creamy and light, and the chocolate topping was a bit firmer than I expected, but it all came together quite nicely. My only problem was with the crust. For some reason it didn't hold up too well and was particularly crumbly. It will be interesting to see if it changed at all after 24 hours of refrigeration. Nevertheless, it was enjoyed by all and there was hardly a crumb left on anyone's plate! :)

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