Who Are Lisa and Summer?

Lisa currently resides in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, two boys (Caiden & Ezra) and one mouthy kitty. She absolutely loves to bake and is eager to further improve and refine her baking skills.

Some of Lisa's favorite things to bake include: cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and breakfast treats. She is presently trying to overcome her fear of pie crusts. (They can smell the fear, you know.) Lisa is notorious for sampling the batter and then foisting the final goods on her hubby - much to his waistline's chagrin. Like Summer, Lisa's love of baking stems from a major sweet tooth. She is looking forward to making all sorts of yummy new treats!

When she isn't busy lusting after the latest kitchen gadget, Lisa enjoys spending her days at home with her sons, acting in community theatre, hanging out with her family, reading and watching TV. If you are really curious to find out what Lisa is up to, check out The Batavia Duchette.

Summer lives in Minneapolis with her husband “Uncas”, her son Eddie, her daughter Edith, and her cute dachshund Sammy. Her main goal for this little project is to work on her baking skills now, so her children will always know her as a fabulous baker!

She enjoys baking pies, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies. One of her favorite parts of baking – sampling the end result! Her love for baking is primarily due to her huge sweet tooth, which she inherited from her father. She is looking forward to branching out from the regular pies, cookies and brownies that she tends to make.

In addition to baking, she likes to read, play with her dog, watch tv, go for walks and looks forward to running again soon. For more on Summer’s day-to-day life, check out her other blog Richfield Family Review.