Saturday, April 2, 2011

Double Apple Struessel Coffee Cake - by Lisa

I did actually make this cake in March! Things have just been kind of hectic around here with family coming in to visit and preparations for my son's 3rd birthday party! Anywho, I had the perfect opportunity to make and share this dish earlier this week. I invited some friends and their kids over for a play date and chose this recipe to serve for brunch. I am quite happy to report that it was a success for both kids and adults! I shared it with Hubby later that evening, and we agreed that this was a very tasty cake! I liked the little bit of spiciness mixed in with the apple flavor and chunks of apple that this cake offered. I thought it was a perfect brunch cake, and also held up well for after dinner dessert.

As far as making the cake went, it was pretty easy. I actually made it the night before so I wouldn't have to run around at the last minute the following morning trying to get it done. I did end up using quite a few bowls, but this was another recipe that didn't require the use of a stand mixer which was kind of nice.

I also finally got myself a proper pastry cutter and actually used it for the struessel instead of running it thru the food processor. It took a little longer, but I was happy to finally learn how to cut in butter this way. :) I look forward to making this again for a future brunch!

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