Monday, April 25, 2011

Tipsy Key Lime Pie - by Lisa

I've never made a proper key lime pie before, so I was looking forward to trying this recipe out. I decided to make it for dessert with our Easter dinner. Our friend Rob joined us for dinner, and I think it is always much more fun to share these recipes with many people. :)

I remembered that this pie needs some time in the refrigerator, so I got started on it in the morning. I also got the chance to dig into our liquor cabinet and pulled out one of the bottles of rum we got in the Caribbean. Woo hoo! I behaved and restrained myself from sampling the goods before adding it to the pie filling. I had no problem acquiring all the ingredients for the pie, and was rather pleased that the suggested key lime juice was exactly what my grocery store carries.

When I made the graham cracker crust, I decided to add about 2 Tbsp more butter since the last crust I made was a little more crumbly than I like. I think this worked, because the crust seemed to hold together pretty well.
Getting ready to go into the oven
About half way thru the baking time, I realized I forgot to put the pie on a cookie sheet. I pulled it out, set it on the sheet and let it finish. I don't think it hurt the pie any, so whew! The pie baked for about one minute longer than the minimum suggested back time, and I let it cool on the counter for about an hour before placing it in the fridge. Once we recovered from our food coma that was dinner, I whipped up some cream and decorated the pie before serving it.

The finished product
Both guys really enjoyed it, but I wasn't quite sure about it. I definitely noticed the bite that the rum added to the flavor, but the tartness I expected wasn't quite there. It turned out more yellow than green, but I've seen varying colors in key lime pies before, so I wasn't too surprised by that. I'll be having another slice tonight for dessert so we'll see how it does on night number two.

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