Friday, April 29, 2011

Tipsy Key Lime Pie - by Summer

Once again my book club were my guinea pigs for this recipe.  I actually gave the host this month the choice of this recipe or the crisp.  She loves Key Lime pie, so she quickly picked this one.  I was a little nervous because she was super excited for it because it's her favorite type of pie and I had never made this kind before.

Following Lisa's advice, I also used a bit more butter for the crust.  I definitely think it was a wise move because it was definitely less crumbly.  The filling was really easy to put together.  I was able to find the bottle of key lime juice in my grocery store - thank goodness!  I also decided after reading Lisa's post to slightly cut down on the amount of rum and up the amount of the key lime juice.

I cooked my pie for about 20 minutes.  It probably should have cooked a couple minutes longer.  While the center firmed up some, when it was served, I felt that it was still pretty runny.

This was a huge hit with the gals at book club.  They all devoured their pieces.  I bought canned whipping cream (hey, it was a long day and I was tired) to serve with the pie.  I was the only one that thought it was just ok.  I'm not really a key lime sort of gal and I think the fact that the filling was slightly runny was a bit of a turn off for me - I was expecting it to be firmer. I couldn't really taste the rum and it was definitely tart, so I am glad I made some minor adjustments.  I would definitely make this pie again because it's easy and if I know that Key Lime is someone's favorite pie!

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  1. Key lime, is one of my favorites...I don't eat it as often as I would I eat the yogurt instead! Looks so tasty!!...