Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pear-Tart Cherry Crisp - by Lisa

Man! Talk about coming in right under the wire this month! I don't know where the last couple weeks of April disappeared to, but here we are on the eve of May already. Thankfully, this was a really easy recipe to put together and I already had all the ingredients ready to go from my grocery trip last week!

For some reason, I just have better luck using the food processor when it comes to cutting butter into recipes. So I was relieved it was the suggested method for this recipe! :) Consequently, it was super easy work making the topping for this dish.

The rest of the prep consisted of cutting up the canned pears and then mixing them with the dried cherries and other dry ingredients. Like Summer mentioned, I really like how this can be made at any time of year without needing to rely on seasonal fruit! One thing that jumped out at me was adding a healthy amount of ground ginger to the topping. I love ginger and was curious about how it would come out with this recipe.

Making the filling

Adding the topping

Before going in the oven
The crisp took just under an hour to bake, and man did it make the house smell good! I let it cool for about 30 minutes before digging in. I didn't add any toppings to it, and it certainly didn't need any! I thought it was delicious! I had also promptly forgotten about the ginger, and it wasn't until I was nearly done with my piece that I noticed the delightful flavor and aftertaste that the ginger added. It was a really nice surprise and just the right amount of kick to an already tasty dish. I definitely see myself making this one again!

Fresh out of the oven!

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  1. Hi ladies!! I'm sorry I have been MIA for a while -- but looking forward to catching up on your posts. I'm happy you enjoyed this one! It was one of my husband's favorites :) Hope you're both doing great! xo