Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grapefruit Granita - by Summer

I wouldn't say that I was putting this recipe off, but for some reason, I could never remember to buy grapefruit at the store this month.  I made this on Saturday afternoon.  Like Lisa mentioned, this is super easy.  I've never really made a simple syrup before, but it wasn't hard - that's for sure.  While the syrup was cooling, I juiced my grapefruit.  I bought 4 and I was short by a half cup.  I had some cranberry juice on hand, so I used that to make the full three cups.  After mixing the juice and syrup, I put it in the freezer and even though I set the timer to stir the mixture, I promptly left the house to go shopping.  I did remember to stir it once that day, but that was it.

I went out on Saturday night, so we didn't sample this until Sunday.  It was so good!  My husband and I both really enjoyed it and I definitely look forward to making this again.  I would also like to make other flavor combinations.  The grapefruit and cranberry was really tasty!

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