Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cappucinno Biscotti - by Summer

Sometimes things don't quite go as planned.  I was really excited to make this recipe since I was suppose to host brunch for a couple of old friends.  Unfortunately the brunch got canceled at the last minute AND I somehow misread the recipe, so the biscotti looks a little different.

My little guy made the recipe yesterday while baby girl was napping.  The great thing about the recipe is that the only thing I needed to pick up were the hazelnuts.  After making the the Rosemary Biscotti last year, I knew that this one wouldn't be hard - just time consuming, since it needs to bake and then sliced and finally toasted. 

We mixed the the ingredients together:

As I was shaping them into logs, I felt like they were super sticky and didn't remember the other biscotti being this difficult to manage.  When I peeked into the oven to see if they were done, I knew there was a problem.  They had spread a lot!  They were touching each other!  Oh no - what had I done wrong.  I immediately read through the recipe and sure enough, I found my mistake - I used baking soda instead of baking powder!
before baking

After - I had to cut them apart!
I decided to keep going with the recipe to see if the end result was still ok.  I sliced and toasted them:

As it turns out, they were still very tasty.  They were a little crumbly, but over all the taste was really good.  This recipe makes quite a few and fortunately my husband was heading out this afternoon to help some friends move, so I gave him a bunch as a little housewarming treat! I definitely want to make these again, but correctly to see if the taste is any different (better!)

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