Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cinnamon-Hazelnut Shortbread - by Lisa

I love shortbread, so I was pretty jazzed about trying out this recipe. The list of ingredients was nice and short - all I needed to buy were the hazelnuts.
I have to confess I was experiencing gadget envy over Summer's nut chopper! I tried using my quick chop, but that was a disaster. I finally just grabbed a knife and started chopping away. Those round little hazelnuts are buggers to chop!

Aside from the nuts, this was a super simple recipe to put together. I had a similar experience as Summer did with the scoring. I already do a horrible job of drawing straight lines, but this time I could blame the erratic lines on the nuts getting in the way!

I liked this dessert, but Hubby found it to be on the dry side. My older son thought they were super yummy, and I shared some with my sister who liked them as well.

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