Monday, January 9, 2012

Honeyed Fudge - by Summer

I have never actually made fudge.  My mom has a great recipe and I recall helping her make it, but I have never actually done it by myself.  I was interested in making this one and it seemed really easy.  In fact, I was going to head down to the basement to run on my treadmill, but my husband thought me making fudge would be a better idea.  I have no willpower, so I gladly obliged him!
My helper and I whisking
Lots of Chocolate!
This recipe starts with chopping up a lot of chocolate. I was a little surprised to see the amount of bittersweet (8 oz) this recipe calls for. 

The rest of the recipe involved stirring the rest of the ingredients in a pot until boiling and then let simmer for 2 minutes.  Some how I think I did this part wrong.  When I poured the mixture over the chocolate, it started getting hard really quickly.  I put it in a pan and popped it in the fridge.  It was hard long before the six hours suggested in the recipe.

I was surprised by the taste - it was more bitter than I like my fudge.  I am used to it being sweeter.  I can't really see making this recipe again, but I am eager to try making my own fudge again.  The great thing about fudge is that it makes a perfect gift, so I packaged it up for our neighbor as a thank you!

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