Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Classic Rice Pudding - by Lisa

Sigh. I just can't get into it. It must be a nostalgia thing for many people, because I have never had rice pudding until these last couple of years. And I just don't understand the appeal. I can tell you that the flavors of both this rice pudding and the coconut rice pudding are quite enjoyable. But I can't get away from the texture issue. :(

As for making the rice pudding itself, it was quite easy. I was even smart about having ingredients at the ready! I made stir fry for dinner, so I used the extra rice we had left over (Basmati this time) for this recipe. And then I still had the half 'n' half left over from one of the other recipes this month. As for everything else, it was normal pantry stock - hooray!

I even employed the help of my 3 year old. He stirred the pot while I prepped the egg mixture. I did have one little hiccup towards the end. I noticed after I pulled it off the heat and added the butter that it wasn't very thick. Thankfully we've made plenty of puddings by this point for me to recognize this was a problem. I plopped it back into the pot, heated it up to a boil and stirred for another minute or two. It thickened up quickly after that, so I was quite pleased. I did omit the raisins, so I wonder how it might have changed the flavor otherwise.

I'm sure my boys will enjoy this dish, so it certainly will get eaten up!

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