Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Drunken Pears Stuffed with Cookie Crumble - by Summer

I purposely saved some homemade gingersnaps for this recipe.  I've never had baked pears, but my husband had, so I was interested to see how this would turn out.  I didn't have any red wine on hand - I really need to keep a bottle of white and a bottle of red handy at all times!  I finally picked up a bottle and I had everything else for this recipe.

It was really easy, although the wine and sugar never really thickened to a syrup . . . Not sure if I did something wrong or should have let it baked longer. 

I liked the taste of the filling - gingersnaps, walnuts, butter and honey.  I had a little bit of whipped cream with the first half, but the second half I just ate plain.  I liked this dessert - very warm and comforting - perfect for a cold winter night.  Unfortunately my pictures didn't turn out very well, so I really just have one.


  1. This dessert sounds just glorious. Have to find it in my copy of the book and give it a whirl very soon.

  2. I don't really care for pears, but these really look good, I may have to try them sometime, can you send me the recipe?