Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Peanut-Butterscotch Bites - by Lisa

Yep - went a little crazy this week to make up for last week. Since both recipes were pretty straight forward, I opted to make 'em both on the same day! These little candy delights are, in a word, AWESOME!! I totally agree with Beth on how addictive these treats are! Once hubby discovered them, we both realized there is going to be a fight to the death over the last one...probably tomorrow. ;)

This was an exceptionally simple recipe and I am ever so thankful to have my little cookie scooper/baller thingie. It made it super easy to perfectly portion them out. I am looking forward to making these for the holidays and giving them away for gifts. Hubby also had some great ideas for for tweaks on these treats: drizzling them with melted chocolate, dipping them in chocolate, etc. It'll be fun to experiment with these!

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