Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dark Chocolate Pudding - by Lisa

I am a bad baker...but with good reason! Last week my little guy and my hubby both got struck down by this nasty stomach bug. I completely lost track of time and didn't realize I hadn't completed my baking for the week until Summer mentioned it on Mother's Day!! Things are back to normal this week, and I am back on track!

I wasn't terribly looking forward to making this pudding because I really do not enjoy the taste of dark chocolate. I figured I'd wind up making it, take a bite and leave the rest for hubby to enjoy. Boy was I ever pleasantly surprised!!! I could have maybe done with a touch more sweetness, but combined with some strawberries and whipped cream, this chocolate pudding was really quite good!

I've made some puddings from scratch before, tho they've actually been fillings for pies (butterscotch and banana cream), so I wasn't too worried about how this would come together. The only thing I worried about was burning it at any stage, but using my enameled cast iron pot made it real easy to keep the heat nice and even resulting in a perfect texture.

I will certainly try this recipe again, and maybe change it up a little by putting it into a graham cracker crust layered with some berries and topped with whipped cream for a tasty pie!

Presentation Points Awarded to Hubby!


  1. So happy you liked it - I love your idea of making it into a pie!

    Happy belated Mother's Day - hope everyone's feeling better!