Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tiramisu - by Summer

I can't figure out why I have put this recipe off for so long.  As I was reading through the recipe this week, I remarked to my husband, "what's not to like, coffee and whipping cream!" He agreed completely!

I was a little nervous about trying to find lady fingers, but fortunately my grocery store had them on hand!  I wasn't sure about the mascarpone cheese either.  I have heard about it a lot and have always wanted to try it, but again, my grocery store had it in stock (by the cream cheeses)!

This was really simple to throw together.  The hardest part was brewing the coffee, since that's usually my husband's job.  But I figured it out and then it was just a matter of assembly.  First you mix the coffee with brandy and let cool.  Then you whip cream, the mascarpone, vanilla and sugar.  I was surprised at how quickly the cream whipped up.  I did put my bowl and whisk in the freezer because it was in the 80's by us.  I wonder if the mascarpone aided the mixing? Then you put some lady fingers in a pan, brush with the coffee, spread half of the cream mixture and repeat! I used a 8x6 pan while the recipe called for a 7x11 pan.  The recipe also called for 24 lady fingers and I only used 20.  I also felt that I could have used more of the cream mixture.  It was hard to spread over the wet lady fingers, so next time I would add more whipping cream. And really - how can you go wrong with more whipping cream?!

This did not disappoint at all!  My husband said that he could have done with out the brandy, but I really didn't taste it at all.  I think this is a great dessert when hosting a dinner party.  It's the perfect ending to a pasta dinner! 

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