Monday, May 28, 2012

Creamy Vanilla Cheesecake - by Summer

I can't believe that I didn't pick this recipe sooner for one major reason - my husband LOVES cheesecake! But I finally decided to make it for this weekend.  It was really easy and straight forward.  I have never made a plain vanilla cheesecake.
creamy, cream cheese!
I used my 9 inch spring-form pan, which is slightly larger than the 8 inch one that is called for in the recipe.  The graham cracker crust was easy to make and then I made the filling.
My assistant testing out the roasting pan for the water bath
I thought because my pan was larger, it would take less time to bake, but I kept a careful eye on it (especially after reading Lisa's post).  It seemed done after 70 minutes.
Ready to eat!
Even though I already tried the brandied cherries, my husband requested them when I asked what to make to go with the cheesecake.
This was oh-so-yummy!  I know, without a doubt that I will be making this again!  My husband actually had more of this than I did (he's not known for his sweet tooth!) I think next time I would like to try the peach-bourbon sauce that Lisa made.

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