Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tiramisu - by Lisa

Summer and I both had the same brilliant stroke of genius for me to try on this recipe - substitute hot cocoa for the coffee! And boy am I glad I did that! For years I have avoided tiramisu because of the coffee, and essentially wrote it off as a dessert I will never enjoy. And obviously it was one I wasn't initially excited about making because of the coffee factor. But swapping in the hot cocoa made it a whole new ballgame! :D

For some reason, I always thought tiramisu was a complicated dessert to make, but it really isn't! And it's a no bake recipe which was perfect for this HOT Memorial Day weekend. We decided to have an impromptu pizza party with our neighbors, and I thought this would make a nice dessert for us to share.

I was able to find the mascarpone and lady fingers at my local Jewel and I had some brandy left over from the brandied cherries we made a couple months ago. I was a little confused about the ladyfingers and whether one layer or two counted as a single ladyfinger. I decided to go off what the package indicated, and that seemed to work out well (2 layers=one ladyfinger). I was also excited to use my lovely 7x11 red casserole pan that Summer got me for my birthday! It fit everything just perfectly!

I think I did over whip the mascarpone/cream/sugar mixture, but it didn't seem to negatively affect the end product. It was a bit laborious (and surprisingly messy) coating the ladyfinger layers with the chocolate/brandy mixture, but I did manage to use all but about a 1/4 cup of it.

All in all, this was pretty easy to make, and the chocolate substitution was awesome! Everyone liked it, and the plates were virtually licked clean! I can definitely see making this again!

The Carnage - Sorry for the crummy picture, I didn't have a chance to snap a good one earlier!

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