Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cool Blueberry Soup - by Summer

I guess I should have held off on this pick since blueberry season is over with this year.  But like Lisa, I went the frozen blueberry route and I think it turned out fine.  I was intrigued by this recipe because I have never heard of blueberry soup before and I have never had Greek yogurt either.

As Lisa mentioned, this was very easy - you throw into a pot and let it cook.  I do not have any sort of wine collection, so I just picked a pretty cheap white wine out.  I also decided to cut the recipe in half so we wouldn't have a ton of leftovers.  I decided to forgo the food processor and just used my hand masher to mash the blueberry mixture.  It worked great and there were still a few lumps. 

I really liked this soup a lot.  While I was eating it, I thought about how it sort of tasted like a sauce and then had a brilliant idea.  I took some leftover pound cake and had that with the soup - very, very tasty!  I would definitely make this again!

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