Monday, October 24, 2011

Cherry Clafouti - by Summer

After reading Lisa's post on this one, I decided to make this on Sunday morning for a late breakfast.  I had my little guy help stir the flour and powdered sugar (truth be told - he asked a fork once I had put the two of them in a bowl - he knows his task when I bake something!)  Like Lisa - the only two things I had to pick up were the half and half and cherries.

I was expecting this to be similar to an apple pancake that is baked in the oven, but it was definitely more custard-like.  I also let mine bake for almost 60 minutes.  It might have even cooked for longer. 

It had an interesting taste.  Because it was more custard than cake - I wasn't a huge fan.  Of course you know who did like this?  My son . . . his response was "yummy!  More?!"

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