Thursday, June 3, 2010

Zucchini Bread - by Summer

I am heading into a busy, but very fun weekend.  Not only is Lisa and her family coming to visit, but we'll be taking a road trip down to my parents in WI for my little guy's Baptism this weekend!  I promised my mom that I would bring this bread with me, but I also wanted to taste it, so I could blog about it before I left.  What to do?  Then I remembered Mini Loaf Pans! 

I have these mini loaf pans and used three of them instead of one big one.  So I am able to sample one of the loaves and bring the other two with us for the weekend.

The recipe was super simple.  I had planned on using my mixer with the whisk attachment, but my little guy was sleeping and I decided to do it old school and mix everything by hand.  Fortunately it was pretty simple and the mini loaves baked for about 45 minutes.  I really wish we had planted zucchini in our garden this, because this is a great recipe for zucchini.  I will definitely be making this one again!


  1. So glad you liked it - hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. That's some good lookin bread :)