Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nectarine-Blueberry Crisp - by Lisa

I am so excited for summer to finally be here because that means we can start focusing on the berry-centric recipes! Hooray!! (Altho, if you are up here in Seattle, you're probably questioning if summertime is really here given the terrible weather we've been having!) For this month, we selected mainly fruit focused recipes, and starting us off is the Nectarine-Blueberry Crisp. My husband absolutely adores blueberries, and my son is turning into a blueberry monster as well. :) I figured this recipe would definitely be a hit in our household.

Like a few of the other recipes we've completed so far, this one is less mixing and more assembling with a little extra fruit prep thrown in. One thing I didn't account for was having slightly overripe nectarines. This made for quite the challenge in splitting them and extracting the pits. Fortunately, these end up on the bottom layer of the dish, so I didn't have to worry about all of the slices looking picture perfect. Believe me, there was some minor cussing as I had more than one nectarine go to mush in my hands as I tried to pry it apart! Apart from that, the rest of the recipe was very easy to put together.

I baked it for 57 minutes and was amused to find that about 1/3 - 1/2 of the topping got absorbed by the fruit filling. It almost looks like I forgot to add the topping to those parts! I really appreciated Beth's instruction to place the baking dish on a foil lined pan - no mess in the oven from any overzealous blueberries!

I opted to serve this with homemade whipped cream as we're attempting to scale back a wee bit on the amount of ice cream consumed in this household. But I can only imagine that this would be equally yummy with a scoop of French vanilla on top! Hubby devoured his piece in about one minute and had to refrain from licking the plate clean. I thought it was delicious as well! A nice refreshing summertime treat!

I'm guessing you could substitute just about any fruit in this recipe and it'll still turn out fantastic! I am looking forward to making it again sometime!

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  1. Overzealous blueberries are the best. Your crisp looks perfect.