Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yogurt Panna Cotta - by Summer

Ok - I really need to get this posted!  I made this back on Friday and do to lack of pictures or trouble with the pictures I did take, I have dragged my feet on doing a post. 

We have another custard-type dessert this month.  I wasn't as nervous about making or trying this, after the pots de creme that we made earlier.  And this recipe was super easy!  It called for very few ingredients and took hardly any time to make.  When I started making everything, I realized I was out of half-n-half, so I used cream instead.  I also couldn't find the right size container of full fat Greek yogurt, so I bought a bigger one and used my scale to weigh out the correct amount. 

I made it a day a head of time and like Lisa, I also made the brandied cherries to put on top of it.  I served this to our friends and between the two families, we have 4 kids under the age of two, so dinner and dessert time was a little crazy.  Everyone ate it up and the adults loved the cherries on top.  I used the leftover cherries a couple of days later on top of some vanilla ice cream - yum!

The one picture that I do have from making this dessert is of my little guy licking the bowl clean after I poured the dessert into individual bowls.

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