Sunday, February 26, 2012

Great Big Coconut Cake - by Lisa

I got an email from my Father-in-Law, Larry, after my most recent entry. He said: The next time you start baking you must call me so I can be there to give you an evaluation of your baking skills! So how could I resist extending an invite for the very next day for when I was planning to make this cake?! :) He got to see firsthand as I put together all the ingredients for this recipe, and also get tortured along with hubby and me while we impatiently waited for it to finish baking up. (Which for some strange reason smelled like popcorn!)

Anywho, this was a pretty straight up bundt cake recipe just with some coconut milk and flakes thrown in. It came together really easily, and the batter on this was quite tasty! I could see how this would make a nice vanilla cake if I didn't want to do coconut. Anywho, I got it all mixed and poured into the pan and opted to bake this in the smaller right side tall oven on my stove. Consequently, I shortened my timer by 10 min to make sure it didn't over bake. Turns out it was ready after about 50 min.

While it cooled, I made the glaze. I reserved 3 Tbsp from the coconut milk that went into the cake, but it wasn't quite enough to thin the glaze to the desired consistency. So I just made do with about 1 extra Tbsp of whole milk.

With the glaze from a couple other recipes, I never quite understood how I would use a fork to distribute the glaze over the cake. Heh. Now I understand that those other glazes were too runny! This was the perfect consistency.

This cake was well received by all tasting parties. :) We got to enjoy it while it was still nice and warm. Larry gave it a very thorough examination and detailed review, and ultimately declared it worth the trip! :) I also liked it, and I was surprised to find the coconut flavor was really quite mild. The cake also wasn't super sweet, so I can see how this would certainly make a nice brunch treat.

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