Monday, February 6, 2012

Great Big Coconut Cake - by Summer

We were having some good friends over for dinner this weekend and I thought this cake would be the perfect thing to make.  It's an impressive yet casual cake and pretty easy to make.  I was worried that the coconut flavor would be over powering, but it's not.  The only thing extra I had to buy to make this was the coconut milk and coconut flakes - both were ingredients for the cake and glaze. 

This was a pretty typical cake recipe and it came together really fast.  My cake baked for just over 50 minutes.  I was rushing around when making the glaze, so I completely forgot to sprinkle the top with coconut flakes! 

Everyone loved the cake.  The toddlers (my little guy and our friends' daughter) both thought it was tasty.  When asked for a quote for the blog, toddler girl said "it tastes like strawberry ice cream".  LOL!  You never know what kids are going to say!  I can't remember what my little guy said - it may have been nothing as he was too busy shoveling the cake into his mouth.  As I mentioned above, I was worried it would taste too much like coconut, but I loved the flavor.  I was eating a piece after lunch today and decided that next time I make it, I might try making a chocolate glaze to go with the cake!

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