Friday, July 30, 2010

Raspberry Buckle - by Summer

Oh berry season - how I love you!  If Lisa hadn't picked this recipe, I was going to pick it!  We actually have raspberry plants in our yard, but they were too young this year to produce any fruit.  I am hoping next year I can make this recipe from our own berries!

I am starting to get good at looking at a recipe and then dividing up the steps.  I was able to make this buckle over the course of two different nap times yesterday.  I made the topping in the morning and set out the eggs, half-n-half and butter for the cake.  Then during an afternoon nap, I mixed up the cake part, added the topping and baked it. 

I had a slice for dessert last night.  It was really good, however, I could see how Lisa's husband thought this was a bit dry.  This morning I had a slice for breakfast and thought it tasted perfect!  So - maybe letting it sit for a day is the way to go?  I like this for a breakfast/brunch dish.  I can see cutting down on the amount of topping though, if I make for brunch. 

I was going to have my husband take the rest of it to work, to get it out of the house, but instead he just took one slice for himself to eat for breakfast.  He emailed me right away this morning saying that he really liked it and that I am not allowed to give any of it away! 


  1. I agree with Reid. Don't give it to fellow workers. Giving away should be reserved for "close" relatives. I have the same problem with "take it to work" JoAnne.

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate berry season. It looks wonderful Summer.