Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fudge Brownies - by Summer

Two weeks of chocolate in a row for me!  Can you tell that these were both my picks? :-)  I did another early morning baking session.  Partly because its once again supposed to be very warm here today, but also because my little guy went down for a nap at 6:30 (!!), and I could bake without having to worry about him.  I have to say, I am sort of liking these morning baking sessions.  And I really needed to get these done, because I am bringing them to book club tonight to share!

As far as brownie recipes go, this one is pretty similar to ones that I have made in the past.  The thing is, brownie recipes are really easy to make, so I haven't bought a box brownie mix in ages.  I also like to add chocolate chips to my brownies, but for this one, I left them out and stayed true to the recipe, with the exception of deleting the instant expresso.  I also finally remembered to bring my camera in the kitchen so I could take some pictures as I baked.

Melted chocolate and butter
Sugar and eggs whisked together

Sugar mixture added to chocolate mixture
Add flour mixture and stir
Into brownie pan from Lisa
For my birthday this year Lisa got me the pan above.  It's so great for making brownies because it put them into the perfect size pieces.  I thought I would try it with this recipe and they came out perfect!  I did bake them for less time - instead of 30 minutes, mine baked for 24 and they came out perfect!  

Brownies for book club
These are definitely good fudgy brownies!  In fact, that was the exact description that popped in my head when I tasted them.  I only ate a half of one since it is morning.  I can't wait to have more tonight.  I will definitely make this recipe again.  And they are so fudgy, I probably don't even need to add the chocolate chips!


  1. ohhhhhh - you've got one of those pans!!!! I've almost bought one like 1000 times. And your brownies look like they came out perfect. Love how such a great treat is so easy to make.

  2. Is there a version of that pan where the pieces are a little bigger? (like 6 pieces)