Thursday, February 11, 2010

Silky Chocolate Nutella Mousse - by Summer

This week's recipe was a little intimidating to me, I think primarily because of the word "mousse" in the title.  I have never made mousse before, so the unknown was a little scary.  It was pretty silly to have this fear because the main ingredients (and there aren't many to begin with) were chocolate and whipping cream.  Both of which, I have worked with many a times.

Of course all that worry was for nothing.  This was another easy recipe.  The hardest part or the most time-consuming was chopping the chocolate.

Funny story about the chocolate.  The recipe calls for 10 oz of semi-sweet chocolate.  I always have semi-sweet chocolate chips on hand at home, but thought I would splurge and buy some Ghiradelli chocolate chips because they were on sale this week.  I shared, what I thought was a time-saving tip with Lisa over the phone earlier this week.  I really don't like chopping up chocolate and thought the chips were the perfect solution!

Then last night I was reading through the recipe and decided to read about chopping chocolate which is in the back of the book.  Low and behold, it said explicitly if the recipe calls for semi-sweet chocolate bars to NOT use chocolate chips.  Opps!  It's a good thing I read that!  So this morning I ran out bought some semi-sweet chocolate bars.  I also emailed Lisa to warn her - just in case she decided to use the chips. 

Pictured below is the melted chocolate.

 Grab a spoon and dig in!

I really like the taste of the mousse.  Nutella is a chocolate-hazelnut spread and you can't taste the hazelnut at all.  I made some whipping cream to go on top of the mousse.  My husband also enjoyed this, although it was really rich for him (he isn't a huge sweet person or a chocolate fan like I am!) 

The only problem with the recipe is that it makes a lot.  If you are going to have a lot of people over, I would highly recommend because it is so easy to prepare and you can make it in advance.  Another thought I had for this recipe was to use it as cake filling!  I will definitely make this mousse again!!!


  1. Hot diggity that looks yummy! Can't wait to make it myself!! :D

  2. It makes a lot? Have a lot of people over? I can be there in less than five hours!

  3. Where can I find this recipe???