Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Strawberry Ice Cream Cupcakes - by Summer

I have to admit up front that I did no baking for this dessert.  I was running out of time this month and this recipe actually doesn't say that you have to bake the pound cake for these cupcakes, so I didn't.  In fact, I didn't even whip my own cream.

That said - I loved these!  I would totally make these for a birthday party or just when having a bunch of people over.  It's quick, fun and tasty!

Here are my ingredients assembled.  I actually decided since I had some homemade raspberry jam from my mother-in-law, I would make them with a raspberry flavor.  When I was at the store, I bought some raspberry gelato instead of ice cream.  I think the next time I would do the same thing but use chocolate cake - yum!  I loved these!  So easy and oh so good!!!

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