Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coconut Rice Pudding - by Lisa

So this was one of my "get it out of the way" picks as I am not a fan of rice pudding. I do however, like coconut, so I thought maybe this one would win me over in the taste department.

I bought all the ingredients a couple weeks ago, but didn't have the chance to actually make it until last night. As I was getting thru all the steps, I thought I ran into a snag. I noticed one of the cans of coconut milk wasn't shaking up too well. When I opened the can, I saw this:

I don't do to well when I expect food items to look one way and then they look like something else. I was a little panicked and also annoyed at the prospect of having to go back to the store on an emergency run. But Hubby came to the rescue when he discovered that all the liquid was trapped on the bottom. After stirring up the can a little, it looked totally fine. Whew!

The "hardest" part of this recipe was essentially babysitting the pudding as it cooked. Otherwise, it was a really easy one to put together. I also got to toast coconut for the very first time. Never knew it was so easy!

I honestly wasn't looking forward to tasting this one. I have a very strong reaction to certain textures in food. Unfortunately, this was one of them. I thought the flavor was awesome, but the rice in the pudding just did not sit well with me. Maybe I could try it again one day and strain out the rice at the end? :) Hubby however, really enjoyed it! So at least he and they boys can enjoy it this weekend while I'm visiting Summer! :)

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