Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cool Blueberry Soup - by Lisa

Lucky for me, the recipes this month are pretty straight forward. This one requires little more than placing all the ingredients in a sauce pan, cooking it down, pureeing, and then chilling. I did have to go on a hunt thru our wine collection for a dry white. I settled on one from the Whidbey Island Winery which is just north of Seattle; not far from where we used to live. :)

Since blueberry season is pretty well over, I opted to go with the frozen berries. I also included the cinnamon stick. The only thing I needed to pick up from the store were the blueberries themselves! This was really easy to make and simply required some time committed to stirring and watching the stove top. I opted to let it sit overnight and we enjoyed some today for an early afternoon treat.

I wasn't sure what to expect at all, but as I was stirring in the yogurt, I realized it looked an awful lot like a smoothie. And since I pureed it in the Vitamix, it turned out with a pretty smooth consistency. I decided to pour it into a glass and drink it thru a straw. :)

My husband tried it first, and found he really liked it! I tried mine next and found it to be delightfully tart yet sweet at the same time. This would be a neat appetizer to serve for a dinner party, tho I would probably opt to leave it a little chunkier to give it more of a "soupy" quality. It would also be fun to try it with different kinds of wine to see how the flavor changes.

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