Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mocha Cream Pie - by Summer

Lisa and I both saved this recipe for the last one this month.  I spoke with her last night and she hadn't tasted it, but I had!  I decided to leave out the espresso, so really this is just a chocolate cream pie.  There were a few steps, but it wasn't difficult, especially since we have made a few pudding recipes already.

The hardest part probably was to keep enough Oreos around for the crust!  I bought a package of Oreos a week ago and since you only need 1/3 of the package for this recipe, I proceeded to eat the rest of them over the course of the week!

The pudding was easy to make, although mine seemed very grainy, right up until it finally thickened.  I wondered if I didn't have the melted chocolate and cream mixture hot enough before I whisked it with the sugar, corn starch and egg yokes.  Fortunately after it thickened, it appeared smooth.

The final piece is the topping of whipping cream, which is super easy.  My husband and I both had a piece after dinner.  It was really rich, but very good.  I do think next time I will trying making it with the espresso powder to get the mocha flavor, but I was definitely pleased with the end result!

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