Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sweet Potato Pie with Streusel Topping - by Summer

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am sorry for the lack of posting this month.  I promise to get back with the program here.  I figure there's no better time to get back to baking for Thanksgiving.  I purposely chose this recipe this month, as a replacement for the traditional pumpkin pie.  My husband was not too pleased to hear the news as he loves some pumpkin pie (I promised to make him one for Christmas!)

I actually made this pie yesterday.  I assembled everything as best I could before actually putting it together:
 This pie was really easy to make.  The recipe called for a pre-made pie crust, but I don't do that in my house, so I made one from scratch.  Once everything was set up, I literally made this pie while holding my 8 month old on my hip!  I was a little worried because the streusel topping seemed like it was falling into the pie.
Before Oven

Fresh out of the Oven
As I mentioned before my husband was bummed that we weren't having pumpkin pie this year for Thanksgiving.  And then I started worrying that this was going to be a really sweet pie.  I made some fresh whipped cream for our pie, cut a couple of pies and hoped for the best.

Both my husband and I were surprised by the taste.  It wasn't too sweet at all.  It was pretty similar to the pumpkin pie, but I think the streusel topping provided the main difference.  We both quickly gobbled up our pieces!  Yum!  I am glad I took a chance on something different for this holiday!


  1. Your crust is gorgeous!!! And I love the first photo on this entry. So picturesque!

  2. Wow - you made the crust yourself - good for you!! And I love picturing you making the pie with the baby on your hip :)