Friday, June 1, 2012

Cherry-Berry Stovetop Cobbler - by Lisa

Hoooo boy. I totally kept putting this one off. I bought all the ingredients for it way back at the beginning of the month, but waited so long that I had to go out and buy a new pint of half 'n' half this week! I had contemplated selecting this recipe on a few separate occasions, but was always put off by it seeming too complicated. Today I decided would be the day to get it done.

From start to finish, this took me about 2 hours to make (factor in defrosting time for the 4lbs of fruit, doing the math on the fruit, making the OJ, making dinner, and having two little monkeys literally underfoot the whole time. Fortunately I was able to keep on top of everything, so I didn't completely stress out! I was surprised by how much equipment I went thru! Three large bowls, a couple small ones, a strainer, two whisks, two spatulas, two measuring cups and of course my 3qt/10in cast iron buffet server.

In reality, this really was simple to make. If I had the fruit defrosted and drained ahead of time in the fridge and had pre-made juice, I think it would have gone quicker. While the fruit was defrosting in batches in the microwave, I made the OJ and the biscuit dough.

Next I made the corn starch mixture and whisked it with the juice. (I opted to whisk it in a bowl and add it to the pan later.)

Then I combined the fruit with the mixture and let it thicken on the stove. Incidentally, I used Trader Joe's Berry Medley and frozen pie cherries from Woodman's.

I think it turned out to be a blessing in disguise that they didn't have the cherries I usually buy. I think these may have been more tart, which was a really nice addition to the recipe. That part took about 10 minutes or so.

 Once the fruit was ready I dropped in the biscuit dough, covered it and let it cook for the 20 minutes. Fortunately, I didn't run into the same issue as Summer did. Maybe it was the half 'n' half after all? It cooked for another five minutes with the lid off, and then I let it cool for about another 15 min.

Finally, the moment had come where we could dig in. My four year old was more than ready, and he was the first one back to the table. I have to say, this was well worth the effort! I really really enjoyed this treat. I wish I had some ice cream or whipped cream to try with it...maybe tomorrow night. :) I think I would make this again - just have more things ready to go up front!

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