Sunday, January 16, 2011

Peanut Butter Cookies - by Summer

I sure don't seem to have a problem trying to bake these days, but trying to post a blog is a different story!  I made these on Wednesday and I am finally now getting around to the blog.  I will note that I did take these pictures on Thursday - we do not have that many cookies left!!!

As Lisa mentioned, the hardest part, wasn't really so hard, just time consuming - rolling the cookies into balls and in sugar and pressing the fork to flatten them.  Of course I decided to do all this while feeding the baby lunch.  But no problem - I just brought the high chair into the kitchen, so he could watch.  I look forward to when he is older and can help with the baking since he currently is intrigued by everything that I do in the kitchen these days.

This is a very good recipe.  My husband really enjoyed these and he isn't a huge peanut butter cookie fan.  I look forward to making these again and again!

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