Monday, April 19, 2010

Sour Cream Coffee Cake - by Lisa

And...we are BACK! :) After a brief hiatus for new mommy Summer, we now return you to your regularly scheduled baking blog.

In my opinion, we picked a delicious recipe to get us back in the groove. I have always loved me some coffee cake despite my non-coffee drinking ways. This cake definitely does not disappoint! Please don't mind the crumbs as I scarf down my 2nd piece.

This is a simple and straightforward recipe. I also had all of the ingredients on hand except for the sour cream. To me, those things combined means it is a good recipe to keep in my back pocket for a future emergency dessert or to simply satisfy a craving.

I even felt comfortable enough with this recipe that I allowed some "help" in the form of my two year old son, Caiden. He was super excited to be a part of the process!

I don't even really have any notes of my own to add for this one, though I will say there were zero disasters with the bundt pan (another story for another day). Woo hoo! I absolutely loved the cinnamon swirl that runs thru the cake, and the cinnamon sugar glaze is the perfect finishing touch. The cake was done in exactly 45 minutes, and after cooling for a few minutes, it popped out of the pan with ease.

The yummy fragrance was driving me mad, but I made myself wait to try it until after dinner. Tho I couldn't wait long enough for hubby to come downstairs to get a piece before diving right in! :)

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  1. So happy you enjoyed the cake! That's one of my faves :) And I love that Caiden got to help!