Friday, December 31, 2010

Cranberry Cornmeal Cookies - by Summer

I hope everyone had very happy holidays.  It's always a busy time of year.  I actually made these cookies a few days ago, but haven't had time (nearly forgot) to post until now. 

I was having some friends over for lunch this week and post-Christmas, I wanted to make things simple.  But of course I can't host without having some sort of dessert.  It was the perfect time to make this recipe.

I would never in a million years think to put cornmeal into a cookie recipe.  The rest of the ingredients are very common - flour, sugar, butter, vanilla, egg, dried cranberries, white chocolate chips and sliced almonds.  This cookie comes together very quickly and they baked for about 15 minutes.    The result is a very tasty cookie.  The cornmeal definitely adds a different texture and I liked the combination of the cranberries and almonds.

The cookie was also a big hit with my friends.  They commented that it was a "light" cookie and they couldn't stop eating them!  I can definitely see making them again.  They are a great change of pace from the traditional chocolate chip cookie.

It's hard to believe that Lisa and I are wrapping up our first year of baking together.  It's been a lot of fun and I have made a lot of things that I would never normally have made.  I feel as though I have grown a lot not only in with baking, but in the kitchen in general.  I look forward to continuing our baking journey in 2011! 

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